On the Front Line with Dr. Noor S. Sachdev

A Q & A with Dr. Noor S. Sachdev, a Neurologist in San Jose.


What can we do in Santa Clara County to be of help?

Everyone needs to stay home because we are now coming up towards the surge. This virus is spreading exponentially, and it's going to increase. The number of cases is going to increase; the number of hospitalizations is going to increase. In the next few weeks, we're expecting a big case jump here in Santa Clara County. So this is the time to help the hospitals by staying home, staying safe. 


Is the medical community in Santa Clara County prepared for the surge?

Good Samaritan Hospital is ready for battle. We've set up two ICU's and a floor just for Covid patients as they come in. We have the appropriate PPE, which we're getting. We're getting the ventilators as we need them. 


You say to put community over self, what does that mean?

We are all in this together. This infects every person. It doesn't matter your creed, race, religion, or color. It doesn't make a difference. Everyone's equal here. And we have to do our part and take care of our community, our neighborhood, by doing that. And in the next few weeks, it's crucial to do that. 


Who is most at risk?

Everyone is at risk. This thing is already moving by community spread. It's not just in other cities. It's here, and it's spreading within the community. You can't control it or know where it is. Everyone needs to act as if they're infected and take these precautions seriously because we do not want this thing to continue to spread. 


What will the next two weeks through mid-April mean for us in Santa Clara County?

The curve of the influx of patients is what we're trying to avoid. So think about your community before yourself at this moment. It's important to think you're not above anybody else right now. We're all in this together. This is what community means. And I know it's hard times. It's not easy to stay at home. People are going stir crazy. I get that. But the more we do this together, if we all do it right now for the next few weeks, the faster we do this, the faster we move on with our lives. 


What are medical professionals going through?

Everyone is at a very high-stress level. There's no question everyone is worried about the patients, but also worried about their staff, worried about the people around them. We take precautions seriously. We are putting the gloves on and wearing the PPE. We're putting those things on before we go and see patients and doing all those things appropriately. So, you know, we're just bracing for the worst right now. And we know it's yet to come. 


What do you tell the younger folks - those under the age of 40 with sound respiratory systems?

You can watch the news, and there are cases of young people who are contracting this and dying from it. It is very unusual and very infrequent. But healthy people who've contracted this have succumbed to it. You don't know if you're that one or not. You have to take it very seriously. 


Younger people should worry about family members, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, especially those who are immunocompromised and those who have underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension or other respiratory illnesses, COPD, asthma, and things like that. Those people are at very high risk. You are a member of this society right now. This virus is attacking us, and we all have to do our part. 

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